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There aren’t many parts of the world where you can visit jagged mountain passes and turquoise, warm seas in the same day, but the wonderful crescent-shaped Italian province of Liguria is one of them. Long and narrow, this coastal region in northwestern Italy stretches from the French border to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Home to Genoa, one of Italy’s largest cities, it features stunning fishing villages – including Cinque Terre and picturesque Portofino – all along its colourful coastline. Further inland you’ll find traditional terraced farms, locally known as fasce, which produce some of the best olive oil in the country, before the striking mountains take over and mark the Piedmontese border.

As with anywhere you go in Italy, food is an integral part of the local Ligurian culture.  As the birthplace of pesto, it’s certainly earned its place in Italy’s prestigious culinary hall of fame.  Ligurian cuisine carries the song of the sea and the scents of the wild herbs of the mountains, which leads us to our inspired dish. 


Tangles of silky Tagliolini coated with the freshest pesto, green beans and potato.  Pesto is that wonderfully silky green sauce that offers up a delightfully herbaceous garden aroma suspended within the finest olive oil and enriched with pine nuts. Our classic No.2 pays homage to the classic Ligurian pesto and is kicked into overdrive with the addition of garlic and a healthy sprinkling of parmigiano.