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The Italian Collection

Glasgow may be our home, but Italy is our heart. Explore the colliding worlds as we share stories of the rich heritage and culture that continues to inspire and satiate us all.


Calabrian cuisine was built on the concept of “la cucina povera” or “peasant food”. La cucina povera makes use of cheap, readily available products and makes them sing! And while peasant food is a common theme throughout the different regions of Italy, in Calabria this is combined with a carefree attitude and plenty of Calabrian chili peppers, which leads us to our inspired dish.


As with anywhere you go in Italy, food is an integral part of the local Ligurian culture.  As the birthplace of pesto, it’s certainly earned its place in Italy’s prestigious culinary hall of fame.  Ligurian cuisine carries the song of the sea and the scents of the wild herbs of the mountains.


Boasting the longest coastline of any mainland Italian region, Puglia (pronounced poo-li-ya) is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland, an abundance of olive groves and the peppering of enticing towns along said Mediterranean coastline. Unsurprisingly, sea food is also a big hit in the region, with mussels often featuring in dishes throughout the coastal towns which leads us to the inspiration behind our popular No.9.


Sometimes overshadowed by it’s most well known city and Italy’s capital, Rome, the region of Lazio is home to stunning beaches, beautiful medieval hilltop villages and endless rolling hills. Spring vegetables such as artichokes and beloved cheeses including Pecorino Romano, ricotta and mozzarella are popularly used across the region with the classic cured meat guanciale an essential for any authentic carbonara - which currently features on our Specials Menu.    



Famed for it's breath-taking landscapes packed with golden vineyards, Tuscany has plenty to boast about. Simple ingredients with deep flavour such as the region's tomatoes, unsalted bread and olive oil are central to it's cuisine, with others providing perfect inspiration for No.5 on the Sugo menu.  


Situated in the south of Italy, the region of Campania is home to some of the most scenic and cinematic landscapes in the world. From the regions capital, Naples, to the luxurious island of Capri, and the breath taking Amalfi Coast, Campania embodies every synonym sparked by the thought of Italy – it’s also the home of our delicious No.1.